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FAMI-QS Connect - (08 and 09 December 2020)

The first pilot series under the FAMI-QS Connect initiative will be launched on 08-09 December 2020. During these two days, the following aspects will be covered:

  • What are they key provisions of the United States Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Why feed fraud and defence matter and how does FAMI-QS support its members to overcome these challenges
  • How the use of technology could minimise the disruption in the supply chain
  • Biosecurity plan; what should be expected


DAVIS Paul - Director, Quality, Animal Food Safety and Education AFIA

GENEIATAKIS Emmanouil - Secretary General, FAMI-QS

NILLESEN Onno - Director, PlanNed and Technical Advisor to FAMI-QS on topics relating to fraud and defence

SCHMIDINGER Stefan - Partner, Marketing and Business Development, Kemiex

Each session will be independent of the others and the main objective is to present the main concepts and raise awareness on key elements impacting our sector. After each session, partcipants will have the chance to interact and discuss thoughts, concerns and opinions on the addressed topics.

Practical information
Date & time Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 9:00 am
Place Brussels, Belgium (Venue TBA)

Admission Fee 400
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