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FEED FRAUD PREVENTION AND DEFENSE: TRAINING FOR FAMI-QS Certified Organizations - (3rd March 2020)

FAMI-QS recently launched the feed fraud prevention and defense module. In order to fully support its members to better understand this new concept under FAMI-QS, a dedicated training module was developed.

The training will be a combination of e-learning and class-based with presence required. Participants in the training will get access to the e-learning platform one (1) month prior to the classroom-based training.


  • Why a Feed Fraud Prevention and Defense module has been developed by FAMI-QS
  • To understand the contents of the Feed Fraud Prevention and Defense module developed by FAMI-QS
  • To  understand the basic concepts (theory and methodology) of Fraud Vulnerability Assessment And Threat Assessment
  • To understand how to set-up the Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Assessment using the templates, and how they are linked to the module.


  • Anyone who is involved in the implementation of the FAMI-QS certification system (Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Procurement, Management Representatives and Logistics); 
  • Producers, Suppliers and Traders of Specialty Feed Ingredients;
  • Individuals who want to obtain further information on the FAMI-QS Feed Fraud Prevention and Defense 


The participation in the training is mandatory for FAMI-QS Certified Organizations with a minimum of one (1) participant per certified organization.


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Date & time Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Place Brussels-Belgium

Admission Fee 950

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